Broader Impacts

Public Outreach, Education, and Engagement about Animal Research

Course Description

Broader Impacts is a formal course for those conducting biomedical research involving animals. This course provides a broad understanding of animal research and its role in producing new knowledge and discoveries which benefit the public and animals alike. The course also helps participants develop outreach skills and techniques for engaging with the general public about the important and necessary use of animals in research.

The Broader Impacts course was created by AMP’s Hayre Fellow Audrey Buelo. Audrey graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015 and is in a Ph.D. at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Learn more about AMP’s Michael D. Hayre Fellowship and other AMP Fellows here.

Overall Learning Objectives

After completing the course, participants should:

  • Know the rationale behind conducting animal research from ethical, moral and scientific viewpoints.
  • Be able to confidently engage with others in fact-informed, thoughtful dialogue about animal research, and have direct experience with creating and disseminating animal research outreach.
  • Understand several social psychology terms and techniques that relate to attitude and behavior change and be able to recognize and apply them to animal research outreach and education programs.

This course is available in three formats. Please click on the program to learn more and download the course materials.