About Us

Supporting Science

Animal research is a vital component of scientists’ search for treatments and cures.

Americans for Medical Progress nurtures public understanding of and support for the humane and necessary use of animals in medicine through:

  • Working to inspire the next generation of research advocates through its materials, exhibits at scientific meetings throughout America, and its Michael D. Hayre Fellowships in Public Outreach.
  • Providing information to bolster public opinion of animal-based research through its website, social media, various publications and posters.
  • Highlighting stories of those who have benefited from research to illustrate the relevancy of animal-based research, and of animals in research facilities to illustrate the care they receive.
  • Promoting fair and accurate media coverage of the need for animals in research by serving as a resource for reporters, and through commentaries, interviews, and journal articles.
  • Interacting and collaborating with state, national and international research organizations in order to maximize resources and develop a tapestry of services and information in support of biomedical research. See what other organizations have to offer by visiting our Animal Research Links page.