Biomedical Research Awareness Day (BRAD)


What? A day to honor, raise awareness of, and pledge support for animals needed for biomedical research.

When?  Every year on April 19

Where?  Veterinary, medical, and elementary schools, research institutions, companies, associations, veterinary hospitals, and more around the world.

Why? To educate people about the vital role animals play in the development of new treatments and cures for people and animals, highlight careers in biomedical research, and promote support for the compassionate care of animals needed for research.

How?  Your institution can collaborate with Americans for Medical Progress (AMP) to tailor the event to your audience. The day (or several days!) can be as simple as a table with information on animals in biomedical research or full of activities, seminars, and tours. You can even move the date to work around activities happening at your institution. This is YOUR event and AMP is here to support you with planning, materials, and any other logistics.

Examples of what might be incorporated into your event (AMP can provide materials):

  • Seminars on topics related to animal research occurring at your institution
  • Booth with information about animal or biomedical research
  • Interactive booth or activities: “Myth vs. Fact” activity/display, enrichment devices for people to guess their use, scavenger hunt, trivia or other games with prizes
  • Freebies/giveaways
  • Support banner for participants to sign pledging support for animals in biomedical research
  • “Fun facts” sheet or other educational materials
  • Research facility tour
  • Your Public Relations department to publicize the event

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Questions? Email us at or call 202-624-8810.

Interested in leading BRAD efforts nationally?  Apply for the Michael D. Hayre Fellowship in Public Outreach or the ACNP/AMP BRAD Fellowship.