Biomedical Research Awareness Day (BRAD)


BRAD 2017 celebration at Johns Hopkins University Medical School. JHU had 4 interactive booths set up around the medical campus and the undergraduate campus and facilitated a lecture with Dr. Gerald Brandacher, the scientific director of the Johns Hopkins Reconstructive Transplantation program.

What? A day to pledge your support for the compassionate care of animals needed for research.

When?  Thursday, April 19, 2018

Where?  Schools including veterinary and medical, research institutions, companies, associations, and more around the world

Why? To honor the roles laboratory animals play in the quest for new treatments and cures for people & animals and to highlight careers in biomedical research.

How?  Celebrate the event at your institution your way. Click here for ideas.

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Institutions that participated in BRAD 2017

Institutions that participated in BRAD 2016

Click here to participate or email us at or call 202-624-8810.