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Biomedical Research Awareness Day is dedicated to raising awareness about biomedical research and the animals that give us so much! Registration is now OPEN!

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Curious Science Writers

curiousSCIENCEwriters (cSw) was created to “advance the art of science communication." This innovative program prepares highly motivated high school communicators to bring complex biomedical science to the general public through the power of story.

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ACNP/BRAD Fellowship

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Lab Rat Chat

A podcast featuring conversations about humane and ethical animal research.

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Love, Care, Progress:

Inside a Nonhuman Primate Research Facility

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Come See Our World!

Bringing Everyone into Research Facilities.

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Love, Care, Progress:

Research Involving Dogs

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Stand Up for Research

Our advocacy campaign is designed to inspire and motivate the next generation of research advocates. We have the resources and information to help you engage on the issue.

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Americans for Medical Progress:We Keep Medical Advances Moving Ahead

Americans for Medical Progress (AMP) is a team of subject-matter experts that helps create and maintain an environment where essential medical advances can continue to be made by companies and academic institutions in the research community. We do this through our facts-based public education programs that clearly demonstrate the irreplaceable role of animal studies. We also provide individualized support to partner organizations to help them respond to activities and misinformation that threaten future medical advancements and the greater discovery process. As a nonprofit with deep experience in animal research, AMP is committed to being a trusted voice and advisor to ensure that the vital, highly specialized and ethically conducted work to preserve human and animal health keeps moving ahead.

We are a national 501(c)3 non-profit supported by the biomedical research community and people like you!

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