Raising Voices, Saving Lives

Because Research Needs Advocates

AMP’s programs are designed to Raise Voices and Save Lives!

Our Raising Voices, Saving Lives programs help create public appreciation of essential animal research. We do this by providing resources to enhance support for scientists, nurturing new pro-research voices, and introducing the fascination of the life sciences.

Michael D. Hayre Fellowships in Public Outreach support young adults as they create innovative programs to raise awareness and understanding about the invaluable role of animals in biomedical research. Be sure to check them out! 

It’s estimated that rodents and fish comprise well over 95% of all animals used in research. This rat is a research model for obesity, leading doctors to new discoveries to combat serious diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Breaking News about Animal Research: Learn what scientists are discovering RIGHT NOW through animal research. Read news articles, Facebook page and Tweets.

Free Posters and Information about the importance of animal-based research for the health of people and other animals.You can help build understanding and trust in animal research – a key component of scientists’ search for new treatments and cures. Read and share!


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