Americans for Medical Progress

Because Research Needs Advocates

Americans for Medical Progress (AMP) works to protect society’s investment in research by nurturing public understanding of and support for the humane, necessary and valuable use of animals in medicine.

Through various specialty publications, outreach initiatives, and the media, AMP informs the public of the facts of animal-based research.  AMP also distributes timely and relevant news, information and analysis about anti-research campaigns to the research community through its news service. We also provide tailored support for research institutions and individuals to aid in engaging with public audiences about animal research and managing anti-research campaigns.

AMP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity supported by the nation’s top universities, private research facilities, research-related businesses, scientific and professional societies, as well as by foundation grants and contributions by individuals. AMP’s Board of Directors is composed of physicians, researchers, veterinarians, and university officials.