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New Resource: Information About the Role of Animals In Developing COVID-19 Vaccines

We’re hoping to clear up some of the confusion about the critical need for animal research in developing COVID-19 vaccines. Some news coverage has suggested that animal studies are not/were not involved in developing and testing at least one of the vaccine candidates. Animal research opponents have also claimed animal trials are being “skipped” to rapidly develop a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine. This is untrue.  

AMP has added information to our public FAQ to address this issue. We’ve provided details and links to documentation demonstrating that even the vaccine candidate currently being tested in human clinical trials is also being tested in animals. Our information also demonstrates that the mRNA technology, which serves as the basis for this vaccine, required animal studies in its development as well.  

We invite research organizations to use this resource as they wish when proactively and reactively communicating about this issue. 

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