Hayre Fellowship FAQs

Q.  Why is the AMP/Hayre Fellowship designed for students or young adults?

A.  In addition to being a veterinarian and scientist, Michael D. Hayre was also a mentor and teacher. He was keenly interested in young people and he inspired many advocacy programs for college students and other young adults. The AMP/Hayre Fellowship was created in part to recognize the ideas and contributions of students and other young adults and to take advantage of their knowledge and ability to reach and inform their peers through education.

Q.  AMP is seeking proposals for peer education projects.  What is meant by peer education?

A.   Social science research suggests that individuals are more likely to be interested and understand ideas presented by people who are like them. Peer education programs take advantage of the educator’s ability to relate to his or her audience through common and shared experiences.

Your peers are people who are like you in some way. They may be the same age as you are (young adults/college students); they may work in similar professions as you; they may belong to the same social group, club or belief-based organization; they may even be people who you have not met in person, but with whom you share an online relationship through social media networks.

For the purposes of the AMP/Hayre Fellowship proposal, you can choose any group of peers, as long as your proposal is specific to whichever group you choose to work with and inform.

Q.  What should I include in my project proposal?

A. Your project proposal (10 pages or fewer) should clearly identify the audience to be reached; your methodologies and materials to be used or developed; and your work plan, including a timeline. You should include information on how you will identify and contact your peers and how you will evaluate the success of your project.

If you will be using materials or tools that may not be familiar to AMP (e.g. web-based tools, books, magazine articles), please ensure that you describe these in detail.

If your proposal involves traditional campus or community organizing, please provide details in your plan including, but not limited to, the groups/organizations involved and how you will work with them. It is highly recommended that you secure necessary commitments to your project prior to submitting an application.

All proposals must also include a simple cost budget (excluding the Fellowship stipend) and a time budget. The cost budget must not exceed $2,000. If your proposal does not include expenses, please make a note to that effect. The time budget should outline on a regular time basis (weekly/monthly) the work plan and hours involved.

Q.  Other than the project proposal, what else do I need to include in an application?

A. Your application should include a brief letter to AMP, a resume/CV, and two letters of recommendation.
Your letter to AMP should very briefly summarize your peer education proposal and your qualifications. Most importantly the letter is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to the selection committee, outline your reasons for seeking the fellowship, and demonstrate that you are qualified to be an AMP/Hayre Fellow and direct your project.

Your letters of recommendation should reflect upon your experience and the qualities that you will bring to bear in shepherding your project. At least one letter of recommendation should come from a professor, mentor, or supervisor who is familiar with your work.

You are free to include other materials in your application that may help explain or support your proposal, but these must be submitted electronically along with the application.

Q.  Where do I send my proposal and application?

A.  Apply online. For more questions regarding your application please email Paula Clifford at paula@amprogress.org.