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Spring Ahead with AMP: Our Research Communications Expertise

Does your organization maintain a subscription with Americans for Medical Progress? If not, this spring is the perfect time to consider the wide-ranging benefits of becoming a financial partner with AMP.

Each week throughout the month of May we’ll be telling you about some of our most impactful programs that support, protect and defend the biomedical research community.

Here’s just one of the many services we offer:

Did a challenging public records request just land on your desk? Has a reporter asked to speak with someone at your facility? Does the portion of your website focused on animal studies require major updates or do you need help in improving internal communications related to animal studies?

Organizations that support Americans for Medical Progress have access to all of these communications services and more. Our staff members have deep experience working in both academic and private biomedical research settings. As a result, we are not only familiar with most challenges, we’ve often developed effective strategies to overcome them.

In addition, AMP has broad connections with universities and companies across the United States, meaning we have likely assisted with similar issues in the past or can connect you with peers who can provide additional advice when necessary.

And don’t forget, we also accept individual donations to help support our mission!

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