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Here’s Another AMP Service That Keeps Medical Advances Moving Ahead

Does your organization maintain a subscription with Americans for Medical Progress? If not, this springtime is the perfect time to consider the many benefits of becoming a financial partner.

Each week throughout the month of May we’ll be telling you about some of our most impactful programs that support, protect and defend the biomedical research community.

Here’s just one of the many services we offer:

Years ago, most universities and biotech companies provided only minimal information on their websites about the important role of animals in health research. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case, as many organizations have bolstered and embraced public education and outreach efforts.

If you need help getting started, we’re here to assist. However, even if your website already includes a public information section, biomedical research is constantly evolving, just like public attitudes. As a result, occasional updates, adjustments and expansions are needed in order to inform key audiences.

That’s where AMP comes in. 

Americans for Medical Progress is constantly creating new materials – such as tip sheets, advice articles and messaging on emerging topics – to help organizations effectively communicate about the need for animal studies.

Better yet, most of these resources are just a few clicks away. We post them on the AMP Partner Resources Portal, a password protected section of our website filled with extensive materials and advice. And all of these items are available 24-7 to organizations that support our mission.

If your employer is already a supporter and you want access, drop us an email. If you want more information about our subscription levels, send us a note.

And that’s just one of the many benefits available to AMP subscribers

Click here to make an organizational donation. We also accept individual gifts. 

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