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An AMP Service That Protects and Defends Research

Does your organization hold an Americans for Medical Progress subscription? If not, this spring is the right time to consider the many benefits of partnering with us. 

Each week throughout the month of May we’ll be telling you about some of our most impactful programs that support, protect and defend the biomedical research community. 

Here’s one more of the many services we offer:

When it comes to minimizing or possibly even preventing a crisis, one of the best strategies is to identify serious risks early. That’s where Americans for Medical Progress comes in. 

We’re constantly searching for threats to the biomedical research community. These might include animal welfare claims, activist FOIA requests, protests, concerning social media posts and more. And when we spot something, we let you know right away. 

And if you support AMP, we can customize and significantly expand these efforts. We use a wide variety of tools to identify emerging challenges for your organization.  We also offer crisis consultations, available 24/7, to those with active AMP subscriptions. 

If you don’t already have a subscription, sign up today to take advantage of this vital service. 


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