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AMP: We Are Here to Back You Up

Does your organization have an Americans for Medical Progress subscription? If not, this spring is the perfect time to consider the extensive benefits of partnering with us. 

Each week throughout the month of May we’re highlighting some of our most impactful programs that support, protect and defend the biomedical research community. 

Here’s one more of the many services we offer:

Animal rights campaigns frequently seek to demonize and isolate biomedical research organizations, meaning that all too frequently, facilities are on their own when it comes to defending themselves and pushing back against negative narratives. 

That’s not the case when you partner with Americans for Medical Progress. 

AMP is staffed by longtime industry and academic insiders who can be deployed to talk with  reporters to communicate the critical need for animal studies and also the many protections in place for the animals involved. We regularly partner with research organizations to counter false or misleading claims and provide critical perspective in the press. 

We also regularly write op-eds and letters to the editor to ensure the public gets the full picture, so they can better understand the biomedical research process and also, the severe consequences if that process were disrupted. 

In short, we are there to back you up.    

This spring is a great time to consider an AMP subscription to obtain access. 

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