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AMP Can Help With Public Outreach and Our Programs Benefit Internal Audiences as Well

Does your organization have an Americans for Medical Progress subscription? If not, this spring is the perfect time to consider the many benefits of partnering with us. 

Each week throughout the month of May we’ll be telling you about some of our most impactful programs that support, protect and defend the biomedical research community. 

Here’s one more of the many services we offer:

One of AMP’s greatest strengths is its people, with decades of experience working within the research community, solving tough problems. Another strength is our connections and willingness to partner with other like-minded organizations both in the United States and around the globe. 

In order to effectively assist those we serve, we’ve combined our own expertise with the knowledge of others to create a wide variety of popular educational and outreach programs.  These include:

  • Biomedical Research Awareness Day, an international learning event to expand understanding about the need for animal studies.
  • Curious Science Writers, a year-long science writing program for high school students to engage and inform the next generation.
  • and Come See Our World, an extensive photo and video gallery showing real research animals in accurate settings, a powerful resource for research organizations, classrooms, and the media.

We also offer internally-focused instruction, which provides staff members with expanded knowledge, skills  and abilities.  For instance, our communications/media training helps you effectively translate the complexities of the biomedical research process for a wide variety of audiences. We train individuals how to conduct public presentations. We can even provide your research and animal care employees with extensive advice on responding to questions about their day-to-day work. 

Other AMP offerings include advice for giving public presentations and strategies to make your organization a harder target when it comes to animal rights infiltrations and what you can do if you are targeted in this way. 

And that’s just a snapshot of our diverse educational offerings. 

This spring is a great time to consider an AMP subscription to obtain access. 



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