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Looking back at Biomedical Research Awareness Day 2023 

Based on all indicators, Biomedical Research Awareness Day 2023 was another smashing success. Once again, we witnessed broad, worldwide participation including: 

  • More than 230 registered events around the world, topping all previous records and making 2023 the biggest BRAD to date.  
  • International participation in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Pakistan, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, and Germany. 
  • A wide variety of engaging and educational events such as lectures, facility tours, information booths, classroom visits, interactive games for staff and attendees, online engagement, distribution of educational materials, giveaways and more. 
  • Over 700 registrations for this year’s official BRAD webinar featuring Dr. Tania Roth of the University of Delaware. In many cases, groups ranging from 10 to over 150 people gathered to watch the event.      

We’ve highlighted several regional celebrations on the BRAD Facebook page. We were also pleased to see several posts from research organizations taking part in the annual event as well. 

Here’s a brief video highlighting just a few of the hundreds of celebrations worldwide:

Don’t forget that Biomedical Research Awareness Day was designed to take place any time of the year. So if your institution was unable to participate on April 20th, you don’t have to wait another 12 months! Plenty of free resources, including several newly developed items, can be found on the BRAD website.

Finally, one more big thank you to all of our 2023 sponsors:


We could not have done it without you!

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