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Decorate and Educate With AMP’s New COVID-19 Posters

We all hate to see the recent surge of COVID-19 infections. But at the same time, vaccines are preventing cases and saving lives. And while it may take many months for COVID-19’s impacts to diminish, we hope you will AMP in educating the public about the critical role of animals in fighting this deadly pandemic.  

Americans for Medical Progress recently unveiled our COVID-19 poster series. Here they are below. 

As you can see, the posters focus on four species: mice, monkeys, hamsters and ferrets and the pivotal role of each of these amazing animals in the development of safe and effective vaccines and therapies. 

We’ve received quite a few requests. Send in your order ASAP before we have to replenish supplies. You can order AMP’s complete COVID-19 poster series, or individual posters, at our website. Here’s a link. And if you can, please help us support the cost of these educational and informative materials.   


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