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Worth Reading – Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Here are a few recent COVID-19 articles that we think are worth reading. 

Physician, biologist, oncologist and author Siddhartha Mukherjee hosted a roundtable discussion in the New York Times with a variety of experts. The topic: Can a COVID-19 vaccine truly be developed in a matter of months vs. years? The experts highlighted the progress made to date and spoke at length several times about the importance of animal studies. The article can be found at this link.

Also worth reading today: 

NBC Boston: No Evidence That Pets Play Significant Role in Spread of COVID-19, CDC Says

NIH: Study identifies potential approach to treat severe respiratory distress in patients with COVID-19

Spokane Spokesman-Review: Letter to the editor: Thank our biomedical researchers

The New Orleans Times-Picayune: Could measles vaccine protect some coronavirus patients? Tulane researcher aims to find out

Washington Post: A long road home Arizona reactivates hospital emergency plan as COVID-19 cases spike after reopening

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