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What We’re Reading About COVID-19 – April 7, 2020

General News

While we know we’re in store for several challenging weeks ahead in the United States, there’s news today that China has ended its lockdown in the Wuhan province. However, according to an article in the New York Times, normal life there remains a distant dream. Back in the U.S., there’s also some good news. America’s most influential coronavirus model has revised its estimates and likely COVID-19 deaths have moved downward. But as we have come to realize, these models fluctuate and not every model agrees.

Science and Health News 

Public Radio International asks and answers the question: Can Tulane University’s monkeys help the global fight against the coronavirus?

Some of those who battle and survive COVID-19 will face a long road to recovery according to an article in The Guardian. Meanwhile, new information has surfaced that may explain why some COVID-19 patients crash. Researchers believe the body’s immune system might be to blame. 

Some very disturbing news out of Michigan today where 734 people in one health system, which includes five hospitals, have tested positive for COVID-19. And The Washington Post did an analysis of New Zealand, a country that hasn’t just flattened the curve. They’ve squashed it.

Worth Reading 

Some stories really open your eyes to the serious pandemic-related challenges others are facing. This article highlights how tremendously hard COVID-19 is on people with intellectual disabilities and those who love them. 

Finally, an inspiring story out of the U.K. where the government recently appealed for 250,000 people to assist the National Health Service. So many people signed up – more than 750,000 – they had to stop taking applicants in order to process the flood. 

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