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What We’re Reading About COVID-19 – April 15, 2020

General News 

According to The Washington Post, COVID-19 is rapidly becoming America’s leading cause of death. 

Health and Science News

Studies conducted by the CDC and WHO suggest mosquitoes cannot spread coronavirus. Now the USDA will study the issue as well. There’s some intriguing news out of MIT about one possible way to combat the excessive and often deadly immune response that can occur in severe COVID-19 cases. Researchers have developed specialized proteins, similar in structure to antibodies, that they believe could help address this issue. 

News You Can Use 

The University of Chicago offers some helpful advice on how to connect with others in the age of social distancing. A new NIH study answers some important questions about the decontamination of N95 respirators so they can be reused. And with so many shortages of cleaning products, some wonder whether antibacterial soaps are significantly more effective than regular soap? One science writer seeks to provide some answers. 

And finally, every parent is worried about how the pandemic will impact their kids’ education. The New York Times looked into this issue and attempted to identify those who will need the most attention.  

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