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What We’re Reading – Thursday, March 26, 2020

It’s likely the most tragic news about the COVID-19 outbreak will come from New York and California over the next few days and weeks. 

In California, coronavirus cases are said to be doubling every three to four days. Meanwhile, in New York, things continue to worsen in hospitals. This New York Times article provides an inside view of conditions at Brooklyn Hospital Center, a 175-year-old facility with a capacity of about 300 beds. It’s a hospital that treated Civil War wounded and also happens to be the place where NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci was born

Imaging technology is giving us an inside view of the severe damage COVID-19 can cause to the lungs. This CNN story includes a video showing how the disease impacted a healthy 59-year-old male.  

Impacts on Medical Education 

COVID-19 pandemic could have a major effect on medical education in the United States. STAT Writers Martin Kaminski and Frances Ue warn “Bringing new doctors into hospitals at the peak of COVID-19 is a bad idea.”

The Science of Social Distancing, New Information About the Outbreak Source, Antibody Tests

We’re always on the lookout for data that helps place the pandemic in perspective. This Forbes article contains a tremendous amount of information about the benefits of social distancing. The story comes as debates occur about how and when isolation can be tapered off. Another article titled COVID-19: The history of pandemics was posted by the BBC. It urges readers to consider the history of pandemics in responding to current and future threats. A separate article on explains how studies show that Pangolins smuggled into China contained viruses closely related to the one sweeping the world. Researchers urge a ban on the sale of the animals in wildlife markets to minimize the risk of future outbreaks.

According to the investment site, The Motley Fool, COVID-19 antibody tests are soon expected to be available in the U.S.. It’s hoped those with antibodies will be protected from the disease. There have been a few reports of past patients becoming reinfected. However, it’s possible that those cases were longer lasting infections and not re-infections. NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci previously told Congress he felt it was unlikely anyone could become reinfected by the virus.   

Then and Now

The Guardian

This morning we came across an interesting photo series in The Guardian which shows how COVID-19 has completely transformed public life. The images show public spaces before and during the outbreak. Here’s one installment. The entire series can be found here. 

Managing Outbreak-Related Stress 

Finally, as many in the science community likely face several more weeks of social distancing, we thought it might be helpful to share some articles with helpful advice for reducing stress and keeping your spirits up. Here are a few from the New York Times, which is providing free access to it’s COVID-19 coverage:

What You Can Do About Coronavirus Right Now

Some Tips on How to Stay Sane in a World That Isn’t

How to Manage Stress Eating (or Not Eating)

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