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What We’re Reading – March 27, 2020

General News 

As the nation’s limited supply of ventilators continues to generate concern, New York hospitals are attempting to allow patients to share the medical devices in order to save more lives. Here’s a story on that. Meanwhile, across the country, residents in California worry they could see coronavirus outbreaks that are just as bad. CNN covered that story. 

In light of the shortages we are seeing in grocery stores, it’s unlikely that this next story comes as a surprise. According to NPR, the Coronavirus pandemic may be loosening links in the supply chain. And one more story that’s admittedly stress-inducing: We’ve come across some moving images that help illustrate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. These photos and stories were published in the New York Times and come out of Bergamo, Italy. 

Science News

A SKY News article asks the question: Why does COVID-19 pose a greater threat to men than women? The Guardian published a story that provides an inside view of the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine. It includes a reference to the need for animal studies in this research. According to a new article in MIT News, research shows an experimental peptide could block Covid-19.

Some Helpful Resources 

Vox News has published a COVID-19 glossary of sorts where many of the common scientific terms surrounding the outbreak are defined. It may be a helpful resource for companies or universities that are working to educate the public about the search for new coronavirus treatments and vaccines. Apple has created a new online COVID-19 Screening Tool to help users understand what to do if they think they or a loved one are displaying symptoms. The free tool can also be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices.    

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