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What We’re Reading – Wednesday, March 25, 2020

A warning, we have some challenging news today. However, it’s not all bad. 

An epidemiologist advising the CDC has estimated the peak of US pandemic deaths will occur approximately three weeks from now. That same expert suggests the doubling time for cases seems to be about two-to-three days. This trend is currently being witnessed in New York where over 26,000 have been infected and 271 persons have died. One attempt to aggressively battle the disease in that city and elsewhere is expediting the use of blood plasma treatments, a move approved by the FDA. Meanwhile, the New York Times editorial board is calling for a national lockdown. 

Overseas, the death toll has risen dramatically in Spain, pushing it past China and second only to Italy.  

We located a helpful new resource this morning. COVID Near You is a website that allows the public to quickly and easily report COVID-19 symptoms or testing activity. Using participant-submitted reports, the system maps this information to provide local and national views of the illness. Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School are behind the project. We’ve also added a link to our COVID-19 resources page.

Finally, this is a tough read, but we think it’s worth it. Jessica Lustig of the New York Times explains what she learned when her husband got sick with coronavirus.  

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