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SA Scientists Developing Animal Models For Zika Testing

These marmoset monkeys are one of the animal models for Zika being developed at Texas Biomedical Research Institute. Photo Credit: Clem Spalding

By Wendy Rigby

San Antonio scientists are part of a push to develop laboratory animal models to study the Zika virus. Baboons and monkeys may be key to unlocking new treatments and vaccines.

Marmosets are a New World monkey that lives in Brazil, where it’s been infected with Zika in the wild. Now, scientists at Texas Biomedical Research Institute are using the small primate, about the size of a guinea pig, to test possible vaccines and treatments for Zika.

“When you infect marmoset with a human virus, the disease looks very much like what you see in humans,” explained Jean L. Patterson, Ph.D., scientist in the virology department. Read more

Published by Texas Public Radio Sept 12, 2016

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