Supporting Science 

Animal research is a vital component in scientists' search for treatments and cures.  Americans for Medical Progress protects society's investment in research by nurturing public understanding of and support for the humane and necessary use of animals in medicine. 
  • AMP provides information to bolster public opinion of animal-based research through its website, various publications and posters.
  • AMP highlights the stories of those who have benefited from research to illustrate the relevancy of animal-based research.
  • AMP distributes materials to inspire research advocacy.
  • AMP uses guest columns, letters to the editor, news interviews, and journal articles to promote fair and accurate media coverage of scientists' responsible use of animals in research.
  • AMP offers the biomedical research community timely and relevant news, analysis, competitive intelligence and public affairs counsel regarding animal rights issues that have the potential to hinder the discovery and development of medicines and other treatments.
  • AMP issues a weekly e-newsletter (AMP News Service Digest), as well as targeted news alerts when breaking news dictates. Through its AMP News Service and with presentations to professional groups, AMP raises awareness within the research community of the threats posed by animal rights extremists and the steps that can be taken by those institutions and individuals to counter those threats.  (To subscribe to AMP News Service Digest, send an email to us.)
  • AMP interacts and collaborates with state, national and international research organizations in order to maximize resources and develop a tapestry of services and information in support of the entire biomedical research community. See what other organizations have to offer by visitng our online resources page.