Mentors for Curious Science Writers – Participation Form

Thank you for your consideration in joining us as a mentor for Curious Science Writers!

Role of Curious Science Writer Mentors:

The goal of Curious Science Writers (cSw) is to offer students a window into the real world of science communications.  Unlike the assignments they’ve had in school, at cSw, they won’t be working for a grade. Instead, they will receive a [somewhat] realistic experience of what it is like to work as a science communicator.

As a mentor, you will serve as what Merriam-Webster calls “a trusted counselor or guide.” You are experienced in communicating about the life sciences. Now, you want to share your knowledge and experience with bright, young minds.  You realize that, although these students are motivated and high achieving in school, most have never worked alongside adults as equals in a professional setting.

You know when to step in, when to let a student follow their vision, when to teach, and when to inspire. 

For writers, you provide advice and coaching on how to request an interview from a scientist, and how to respond to edits. You review early drafts for proper structure and scientific accuracy. In the final stages of the writing process, you take the opportunity to challenge students: Is there a better way to say something?  Can another word be used?  Is there an opportunity to use a metaphor, etc.

For editors, graphic designers and social media coordinators, you use your experience and knowledge to provide insights and perspectives that help students explore ways to engage public audiences and make science accessible.

We are grateful for your willingness to inspire and guide future science communicators!

Click here for more information on “Mentor Roles and Responsibilities.”