BRAD 2018

Thank you for your interest in participating in Biomedical Research Awareness Day (BRAD) 2018!

BRAD is an international program focused on increasing awareness of the role of animals in biomedical research and related careers. The awareness day will be held at schools, including veterinary and medical schools, research institutions, companies, associations, and more throughout the world on April 19, 2018. To participate, your institution can work in collaboration with the Americans for Medical Progress (AMP). This event is YOUR event and is tailored for your institution. It can be a simple table with information to share or a day full of activities, seminars and tours. You can even shift your date if needed!

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Below are examples of what might be incorporated:

  • Seminars on topics related to animal research at your institution
  • Booth with information about biomedical/animal research
  • Interactive booth
    • “Myth versus Fact” activity/display about animal research
    • Enrichment/foraging devices for students to guess their use, etc
  • Freebies/giveaways
  • Support banner for participants to sign pledging support
  • Posters
  • “Fun Facts” sheet
  • Research facility tour
  • Your Public Relations department to publicize the event

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Click here to download materials or send an email to Outreach@AMPROGRESS.ORG

Remember to share your BRAD celebrations on the BRAD Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram.