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Letter to the editor: Animal studies are important for medicine

In the current political climate, it’s reckless for organizations like White Coat Waste Project to accuse America’s world-renowned researchers of conducting “cruel” and “wasteful” research  (“Letter to the editor: Pingree to be commended for support of lab animal bill,” Nov. 17).

Why would a political organization make such a dangerous claim? Because it remains opposed to ethical and necessary research that involves animals.

Animal studies have resulted in a long list of Nobel prize-winning breakthroughs, such as cancer immunotherapy, which has saved countless lives, and the development of MRI imaging. Our most powerful COVID-19 vaccines – which rely on an entirely new vaccine platform – involved animal research as well. The list goes on and on.

We should be giving America’s research community a standing ovation, not attacking it.

Paula Clifford
Executive director, Americans for Medical Progress
Washington, D.C.

Published November 23, 2022 by Portland Press Herald

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