Raising Voices - Saving Lives

ImageAMP’s Raising Voices – Saving Lives campaign ignites and nurtures public appreciation for the importance of animal research in scientists’ quest for treatments and cures for people and animals.

Reaching New Audiences - Most Americans have never given a thought to animal research.  Through our exhibits, such as the one we hosted at the 2010 National Science and Engineering Expo, we encourage kids of all ages to learn about the many medical benefits developed with the help of animal research.

Building Support - AMP’s DVD series encourages and empowers veterinarians, physicians and other medical professionals to speak out about the vital need for animal models in biomedical research. 

Strengthening Student Voices – AMP’s Michael D. Hayre Public Outreach Fellows create and implement their own advocacy projects, which have included founding a new innovative research advocacy group, developing a resource website for veterinarians, and pioneering new ways to discuss animal research in classroom settings.

Creating Advocacy Tools – Posters, flyers, videos on You Tube, even a new trivia game are just some of the ways AMP has found to make the point that the length and quality of our lives, and those of our pets, are enhanced by the ongoing contributions of animal research. Check out AMP's advocacy materials here.

Informing the Community
– AMP unites the research community with our free email AMP News Service, which provides important news, concise analysis and up-to-the moment issue awareness.