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Americans for Medical Progress is dedicated to protecting your investment in biomedical research. We focus on public outreach that builds understanding and appreciation for necessary and humane animal research. We also provide vital news, information and analysis to biomedical research stakeholders to ensure they have the resources they need to deflect campaigns that threaten the future of medical progress. 

We are a national 501(c)3 non-profit supported by medical schools, research institutions and people like you!


Raising Voices, Saving Lives - Our advocacy campaign is designed to inspire and motivate the next generation of research advocates. We have the resources and information to help you engage on the issue. Join us - let the world hear your story!

Stand Up for Research - Lifesaving biomedical research involving laboratory animals is under attack on several fronts by animal rights extremists. Scientists, researchers and the public are now standing together to show their support for medical progress.  See how you can help make a difference - check out our advocacy materials.

Count on Us - Need to know more about biomedical research or why it is under threat by animal rights activists?  We'll be adding information to this website in the coming weeks, but in the meanwhile, here are some great links to get you started.  Want to read about some of the latest discoveries involving animal research? Be sure to follow our Twitter account @curedisease.


For media inquiries and other matters that require immediate attention please contact our office directly.