Research Advocacy


Research Advocacy

Advancing Animal Research
Animal Research Cures

Animal Research for Life (EU)
American Physiological Society
Bioscience Clearinghouse - NCABR
European Animal Research Association                                                  Federation of American Societies
for Experimental Biology

Foundation for Biomedical Research
Funding First/Lasker Foundation
NIH Office of Science Advocacy
Partners in Research (Canada)
Pro-Test (UK)
Pro-Test for Science
Speaking of Research
States United for Biomedical Research

California Biomedical Research Association
Connecticut United For Research Excellence

Massachusetts Society for Medical Research 

Michigan Society for Medical Research

New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research

North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research

Ohio Scientific Education and Research Association

Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research

Southwest Association for Education in Biomedical  Research
Texas Society for Biomedical Research

Northwest Association for Biomedical Research

Wisconsin Association for Biomedical Research & Education

The Veterinary Impact
Understanding Animal Research (UK)


Alternatives to Animal Testing on the Web  (ALTWEB Johns Hopkins)

Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods

Institute for In Vitro Studies

University of California Center for Animal Alternatives

Student Sites

Biologists Discover Amazing Things-FASEB
Biomedical Research Education Trust (UK)

Breakthroughs in Bioscience Series - FASEB
The Electronic Zoo - WUSTL

National Health Museum - Health HQ

K-12 Overview - APS

Kids4Research - AALAS

Kids Home Page - FDA

MadSci Network

National Association of Biology Teachers

National Science Teachers Association

NetVet Animal Resources

Careers in Science - NCABR


Partners in Research Classroom (Canada)
Rhesus Macaque:Interactive Poster
Toxicology for K-12 Students - SOT
Science Reporting for Kids - EurekAlert

Speaking of Research

Students' Arena - CSBR

Student Information - AAALAC

What a Year! - MSMR

Whyville - AALAS


Professional & Scientific Resources

Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe
American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine

American Veterinary Medical Association

American Society of Animal Laboratory Practictioners

Animal Welfare Information Center - USDA

Biotechnology Industry Organization

Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science (CALAS)

Charles River: Eureka
Institute of Animal Technology (UK)
National Association for Biomedical Research
National Cancer Institute/ NIH

National Library of Medicine/NIH

Net Vet: Veterinary Government and Law Resources
NIH: Model Organisms for Biomedical Research

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)

Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of  Laboratory Animals

Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research

Scientists Center for Animal Welfare

Society for Neuroscience

Society of Toxicology

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UK)


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