AMP's Inaugural Hayre Fellow

Tom Holder

Tom Holder
Tom Holder served as AMP’s inaugural Hayre Fellow in 2008, touring campuses and biomedical research facilities throughout the U.S.  Tom’s compelling story captivated audiences and motivated others to speak out about research.

Tom graduated from Oxford University in 2007, with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.  His time at the university coincided with an escalation of violence and intimidation by animal rights extremists.  Frustrated by the climate of fear descending on Oxford he became instrumental in the formation of Pro-Test in January 2006.

Pro-Test is a student-led pro-research organization that challenged the bullying of animal extremism.  Tom took up the role of Press Officer, giving interviews to international news broadcasters including BBC, Sky and Fox News.

He was Head Steward and Master of Ceremonies at the original Pro-Test march in February 2006, which attracted nearly 1,000 students, scientists and members of the public. In the weeks and months following he participated in a large number of radio interviews, debates, and documentaries.

In March of 2008 Tom became the first AMP/Hayre Fellow and established Speaking of Research, a campus-oriented group that seeks to provide college students and faculty with accurate information and resources about the importance of animal research in medicine.  Inspired by the Pro-Test movement, Speaking of Research aims to change the tide of the animal rights debate by encouraging students and scientist to speak out in favor of the lifesaving research developed with animals.

Tom returned to the U.S. in April of 2009 joining with Pro-Test for Science to help lead the first ever march on UCLA's campus in support of biomedical research.